The Rise of the Telecommuting Solution

More and more businesses find offshoring work untenable. Onshoring projects to workers within the US are becoming a viable solution your business should not ignore. Learn more about why outsourcing your IT work with Reliable Solutions Corp and how we can be what your business needs in 2014.

Common Problems with Offshoring

Some of the common problems with offshoring have tipped the scale to make it much less attractive than it was just a decade or less ago. According to Offshoring Software Development Reality Hits Home, these problems include:

Low quality products
Possible alignment with the “job-killing, America-hating plutocrat”
Nearly 50% of offshoring projects fail to meet expectations or fail outright
76% of companies experience vendor management issues and high costs
30% report ongoing issues with outsourcer management processes
While cultural differences can account for problems in offshoring, many of the problems can also be relegated to differences in educational expectations and expertise levels.

The Solution May Be Increased Onshoring or Telecommuting

Some of the great benefits of onshoring keeping jobs on US shores. With increasingly more companies looking for ways to deliver projects on time and needing resources beyond their scope, offering project work to remote partners has become extremely attractive.

Offshoring is getting increasingly more expensive, and with the cultural constraints that come along with it, are driving more businesses to consider the benefits of utilizing remote workers.

Has your business seen the rise and demise of offshoring? How are you handling it?

Have you considered utilizing software development company like Reliable Solutions Corp to create and deliver the solutions you need?

Whether you are seeking Consulting Services, Custom Software, a robust Web Application, or something else, we have a solution for you.

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