10 Signs Custom Software May Be Right For Your Business

Source: mallbiztrends.com | Re-Post Reliable Solutions 3/15/2017 –

While many small businesses can make use of out of the box software, there are times when a more customized solution — either as a modification of existing software or something completely new — becomes necessary.

But what criteria determine when a customized solution, versus out of the box, is the right choice? When do you need to make a build versus buy software decision?

For the answer, Small Business Trends turned to Jim Hutchings, business analyst with Trifecta Technologies, a company that customizes software to fit a business’s needs more accurately. He provided the following ten tips:

Drivers Behind a Build versus Buy Software Decision

1. Manual Workarounds

The company may be using manual workarounds to accompany routine tasks because the software isn’t doing the job.
“When a task takes far longer to accomplish than it should, that’s the first sign the company is using manual workarounds, such as using Post-it notes to set reminders,” Hutchings said. “A customized solution can help in that case.”

2. Poor Adoption Rate

A poor adoption rate of existing software is another indicator customization may be necessary.
“If employees are going out of their way not to use the software, that’s a sign they don’t like it,” he said. “Forced adoption won’t lead to efficiency either but will result in workers griping and complaining.”

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