The achievements of an organization are the results of a combined effort of each individual.Vince Lombardi

The RSC Crew

At RSC, each member of our team plays a key role in our success. Each of our professional consultants comes with a unique background and skill set and the advanced knowledge and ability to provide our clients with the highest level of service and end solution regardless of the task at hand.
We take great pride in the diversity of skill sets, abilities, and personal interests of each member of our team. Click on a profile to learn about each member of our team and how to connect with each of us!
Scott Alexander

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Scott mans the helm of the RSC ship, acting as the team’s main point of contact for our clientele and is usually the first person you’ll meet when you engage with RSC. Not only does Scott serve as President, he also serves as a true team leader and successfully directs the day-to- day operations of the company.

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Chris Blackburn

Director of Marketing & Project Management
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Chris focuses his time on leading the marketing initiatives of the company as well as serving as a point of contact and project lead for a good number of our clients. Chris also manages the marketing arm of the company helping to develop new business partnerships and leading client marketing efforts to execution.

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Ja Carter

Senior Consultant
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Ja serves as a mentor to other developers on the RSC team while leading multiple solution development efforts for a wide range of clients. While Ja is a seasoned developer, he continues to pursue additional education and skills to further advance his knowledge and application capabilities.

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Seth Grannan

Senior Software Engineer
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With his experience across a variety of industries, Seth helps design, develop and maintain enterprise solutions for many of Reliable Solution’s clients. He works with the clients to understand their specific needs and translate those needs into meaningful, sustainable software solutions.

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Danny Rich

Junior Software Engineer & Designer
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Being both a designer and a developer, Danny has a foot in each camp at RSC working on both UX design and front-end layouts, as well as programming. These skill-sets help her team efficiently marry logic with design to create solutions that are as beautiful as they are programmatically elegant.

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Tim Parham

Co-owner & Senior Developer
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Tim serves as a mentor to the other developers with his wide range of technical knowledge combined with his tireless work ethic and drive for quality partnerships.  Tim’s passion and leadership truly characterize the core function of the company and set the standard for how RCS partners with each client and the quality of the products and services provided.

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Mike Timmons

Co-Owner & Senior Consultant
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Mike’s wide range of experience and continuing push for education provides his clients with the ability to create positive results during any point of the software development lifecycle. Currently, Mike’s primary development is completed in C#, PHP, and Java but he is always open to exploring and learning new software to best fit his client’s every need.

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